Topic: frontaccounting session problems

Hi Everyone,

I'm using frontaccounting for 2 years. I installed the frontaccounting-2.4.11 version on ( Free hosting website) its keep logging out with each click.

I installed the previous version frontaccounting-2.4.10 on same server its working perfectly.

Also I installed the last version frontaccounting-2.4.11 on my own pc by using WAMP server its working perfectly without any problem.

So, my problem its seems like there is an security update on frontaccounting-2.4.11 version not compatible with hosting.

I tried to edit file as I found in internet but same result its keep logging me out.

can any one help me in this issue please??

Your support will be highly appreciated.

Re: frontaccounting session problems

I solve the problem by uploading the file of version frontaccounting-2.4.10 on the version frontaccounting-2.4.11.


Re: frontaccounting session problems

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