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I'm not sure this is the right place to ask, so move it to the right place if I'm wrong here.

I have a few service items with different prices per customer (work/hour for example). I have had troubles in the past after sending invoices with wrong prices, because i forgot to change the price and/or discount% for that customer

Is there a way to place where i can set the agreed price and or discount% with the customer.

It would be nice to have a tab in the sales customers screen for price and discount% deals (where a item can be added with a price and/or discount% _only_ for this customer) or/and have a special price deal in the inventory items screen, where a customer can be added in the Sales Pricing tab where now you can only add prices/discount% per sales type.

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Re: item price per customer

Hire a developer to do this feature.  You can do it this way. Add one more  column in the sales_types table and connect it with customers and create  a tab in customers  and make it available for  those customers.

And finally move to price function  get the price when it has customer based price, otherwise get the default  price without  customer id.

Hope that helps. But this is a customised one. So hire a developer and ask them to do this feature.  Post this job in job thread. Someone will further  help you to make this module for you.

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Re: item price per customer

Or you can define separate sales types per customer and define the prices in Items->Sales Pricing.