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This is a 2.4.11 release, which is mainly bugfix release, but also contains a couple of improvements and additional security fixes.

This release should also be PHP 8 compatible. The following versions has been tested: 8.0.0, 8.0.7 and 8.0.12.

Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions

In Sourceforge FrontAccounting (, select
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.11.

For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


  • Theme Default is now RTL compatible by commenting out the table class (line 31) in default.css.

  • Improved the Graphic Engine to show correct legends also in RTL.

  • Many Mysqli errors: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool. Fixed. Please report any remains.

  • Function money_format is deprecated in above PHP 7.4. Replaced with price_format.

  • error on startup. Fixed.

  • Fixed exchange rate working in FA (EXCHANGE-RATES.ORG).

  • PHP 8 doesnt support imagettfbbox. Replaced with imageftbbox.

  • Curly braces {} in arrays replaced in Workbook.php (Excel).

  • Added security policy file,

  • Bug 5509. Installer: Fixed errors handling, fixed errors on db passwords containg special characters or longer than 20 chars. Allowed passwords up to 32 chars long.

  • PHP 8 bugs in fixed.

  • The secure flag was not set on session cookie. Fixed.


  • Select item not working in purchase order and sales order entry. Fixed.

  • Customer Credit Invoice: fixed invalid processing of invoice payments (triggering blank page on php8 too).

  • Unable to void a sales invoice. Fixed.

  • Bug 5490: qty_done is not updated correctly when partial invoice is voided. Fixed.

  • Rep109 in Print Profiles fixed.

  • Bug 4530. Customers with 0 left to allocate shown on Customer Allocations when using Journal Entry for paying. Fixed.

  • Customer Statements shows wrong balances for Journal Entries. Fixed.

  • Error calculating customer aging regarding journal entries. Fixed.

  • Bug 5512: Customer Allocation Inquiry - No alloc-icon for DEBET-Accounts-receivable-Journal Entries. Fixed.


  • Item selection not working in purchase order and sales order entry. Fixed.

  • Bug 5471: Fixed Direct supplier payment bug introduced by 'Dimension wise balance sheet items - AR/AP implemented'.

  • Credit This Option for Supplier Invoice Doesn't Show Quantity Invoiced. Fixed.

  • Bug 5522,5523,5524: Fix TAX in GL rows in supplier invoice.

  • Receive Purchase Order Items: fixed error on page opening (blank page in recent php versions).

Items and Inventory

  • Bug 5466: user_qty_decimals handled incorrectly by code that calls get_item_edit_info. Fixed.

  • Wrong parameter passed to qty_cell in sales kits. Fixed.

  • New Line Bug in Inventory Location Transfer. If editable field, then next line item is also editable. Fixed.


  • Unable to void Work Order. Fixed.

  • Update_material_cost function makes one unnecessary call to get_item. Fixed

Fixed Assets

  • Bug 5498. Items/Fixed Assets: Fixed item image adding/update.

Bank and General Ledger

  • Updated default COA dates one year forward.

  • 2.4.10 Balance and Profit and loss reports failed to print. Fixed.

  • Bug in GL Journal fixed.

  • Report GL Trans: fixed timeout on huge transactions database.

  • hook_db_prewrite is not properly used inside journal entry. Fixed.

  • Allowing multiple journal entries on one trans_no. Ex. trans_no, Journal Entry, customer_id.

  • Bug 5518: Total Amount of a Journal Entry with multiple rows (>2) is wrong in Journal Entry Inquiries. Fixed.

  • Bug 5527: Tax Type not displayed during initial setup if default Sales and/or Purchase Tax account deleted. Fixed.

  • Bug 5522, 5523, 5524: Journal Entry Affecting in both sales and purchase and more. Fixed all three bugs.


Re: Release 2.4.11

I have been keeping my repo up to date with fixes pushed to the FA repo. Does this release include changes not pushed to the repo?

Re: Release 2.4.11

No, all repo changes are included in this release up to today. You can see all the changes in the CHANGELOG.txt.


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Re: Release 2.4.11

What I meant is enhancements since the last release also include in the FA repo or do I need to download the relase to get them? I've made changes to my copy of FA and I need to merge in this release.

Thanks Joe for all you do!

Re: Release 2.4.11

If you are up-to-date with the FA repo, you don't have to download and install the new release from SourceForge. You are already on this release.


Re: Release 2.4.11


Thanks Joe.

Re: Release 2.4.11

Good to get a new update @Joe.

It's been long waiting from all fa users for the release 2.5

Did you plan for any scheduled release. ?

Can you put a scheduled tasks which are yet to be done for the next release. So  other volunteers will contribute it to the next release

Subscription service based on FA
HRM CRM POS batch Themes

Re: Release 2.4.11


There are some initiatives to this in the Developers Forum.


Re: Release 2.4.11

Latest xampp install includes PHP 8.0.13.  Trying an install with this version of PHP (after going through to check and then database config screens) is giving me a blue window (not BSOD) in Frontaccounting and no way to proceed further.  Software installation seems to stall.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Release 2.4.11

I tried to install 2.4.11 over 2.4.10
I keep getting the login screen every time I click on a menu item.

Put 2.4.10 back on and everything started working fine again.

I'd try to put a bug report on matis but I don't know how or have an account.