Topic: BUG in Inventory Valuation Report

Inventory valuation report wont show Items whose quantity is 1 and the units of measure for that item is set to use "User Quantity Decimals" decimal places option. The "User Quantity Decimals" option has a value of -1 thus below MYSQL condition will result to zero:


Result: 0

I would propose a condition to check negative values as shown below:
File: rep301.php
Function: getTransactions($category, $location, $date)...

HAVING ROUND(SUM(move.qty), IF(units.decimals>0,units.decimals,0)) != 0

Re: BUG in Inventory Valuation Report

@joe: run into this issue?

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Re: BUG in Inventory Valuation Report

Helo, I have found another BUG in this that is showing ITEM/Inventory that already purged. This item appears in REPORT. how to solve it???