Topic: Multi-currency purchase order

Version 2.4.10
How do you deal with supplier who has different items quoted in different currencies, e.g. selling
Ballast in USD
Equipment in Euro

Frontaccounting only allows one currency per supplier.

Re: Multi-currency purchase order

Hedge / book the currencies in your home currency and prepare the purchase order accordingly with the quoted currencies in the memo field and book the costs in the local currency.

Alternatively, break up the purchase order into separate currency ones and live within standard FA.

Re: Multi-currency purchase order

May be this will work for you.
If you add one more column in the supp_invoice_items for currency and feed items with currency in line items of supplier invoice. And apply exchange rates and save them in gl trans and make it worked in gl for home currency and items price along with its currency in the item level.  But keep the supplier currency in home currency. So it won't  give trouble during the time of gl_trans functionality.

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