Topic: correct linux permissions for frontaccounts

I have noticed that in my frontaccounts dir the following dirs are set to world read/write:

company, lang, modules & tmp

Anyone know what the correct secure permissions are for frontaccounts directory and contents?

Thanks for any help.

Re: correct linux permissions for frontaccounts

Right permissions are set in tar.gz distribution file. You cannot change company folder write permissions as it is used for caching files. You can make readonly tmp directory if you do not use error logging in this dir. Also lang and modules directories can be closed for writing if you do not plan to add or update languages/modules, but frankly speaking I don't know good reason for doing this.

Re: correct linux permissions for frontaccounts

If world writeable bothers you, you can change the owner of the directories to the owner and group of whatever your web server is running as and then set them user writeable with world write permissions set to off.