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I have received 5 orders through the PO module and all devices for this inventory unit were entered at a cost of $28.

When I look at my G/L the COGS per unit on that item is $46 recently.

It was running smoothly at $28 for 2 months and suddenly it started with this new COGS.

I know that the system would use a LIFO or FIFO or Average cost method for COGS but all 5 orders were same price.

Any ideas why this happened???

Re: COGS inflated

There are some cost update entries  in it. Which are all related to the abnormal price change there. And also in the decimal points, if you have exponential in the decimals. It's calculating wrong cost , that's leads to this problem..

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Re: COGS inflated

How do I find "cost update entries" that are adding to my $28 for the device?

Re: COGS inflated

There are a total of 93 fields(en_US-new.sql) that re "double" type that are good for binary base computations that mess with decimal computations where a decimal field type should have been used. But this should not create such a huge difference unless an additional mess with signed and unsigned field type attributes are in the same expression.

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