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My main goal here is to delete items in items and inventory. But when I do so, it gave me the notification, "Cannot delete this item because there are existing sales order items for it."

Then I go to set up> void a transaction> .... but can't find "Sales Order"

How do I get rid of sales orders in order to delete extra unused items in my inventory?

Re: How to delete Sales order?

Sales orders are canceled, not voided.  You can use Sales->Sales Order Inquiry to see the sales orders, select a sales order, edit, and cancel.

Of course that raises the question, "How do I find the sales order that uses the item?".  You might need to examine the database to find it.

Re: How to delete Sales order?

And if your main aim is not to use the item again then you can inactivate the item from the Items Menu thru Item Status Pull down.

Re: How to delete Sales order?

Hello. Thank you for your reply!

I void the sales order and refresh the page, yet it still shows up, and the amount is still there.

Also, I inactive one of the items that I did not want to use anymore, but it didn't do anything? It still shows up as an option to choose from when creating an invoice. So there is no way to delete an item completely? or a sales order? I don't want to see the item at all as an option because I don't want to confuse my team members as they shouldn't be using it.

Re: How to delete Sales order?

If you cancel the sales order. You don't see anything of it. If you made delivery for that order, you have to void the delivery and then you can cancel the order. 

If you don't know how to cancel  the order. Modify the order  and there is a cancel order button at the bottom, use it to cancel the order. That will complete cancel the order.

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Re: How to delete Sales order?

Once the item is inactive it does not show on the pull down menu of the invoice..or any other entry screen.
Items->Choose Item->Choose Item status Inactive->Press Update Item.
Works every time for me...I don't see the Item anywhere thereafter.