Topic: Gettext missing in some files

Why in many files there is some not gettextized strings, mainly error messages , epecially for db_query() function ? Is this because of lack of developers/translators time, or any other reason?


Re: Gettext missing in some files

Well, your are partly right. But as it is rare that these messages appear, we didn't consider this as a major problem. It is quite normal that SQL messages in other applications are in Engligh, won't you agree?


Re: Gettext missing in some files

Hi joe
I think it is not big problem when such non-native messages are seen in case of fatal/rare errors such as database corruption.
Gettextization of all program messages and leaving rarely used ones untranslated doesn't hurt. On the other hand smaller .pot file meens more potential translators. People are lazy wink.
Any way this is not very important issue, and actual ~1600 messages to translate is far enough for me.