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Topic: How to account for inventory wastage

Hello guys, hope you are keeping safe.

Been using this awesome system for a while now, I have noticed its not possible to account for wastage. After doing production, not every output sells and physically it has to be written off as wastage.

I have gone through and it seem its a feature missing, if so, this is just a suggestion, whenever we are about to do a negative adjustment, one to be able to select which account needs to be affected by the negative adjustment option. (In my case, i have created an account under General & Admin Expenses called waste or shrinkage)

Re: How to account for inventory wastage

Presently you can do this by item by setting the item's Inventory Adjustments Account.  Perhaps set all manufactured items to use waste and shrinkage instead of purchase price variance.  But if you want to use more than one account per item and then pick and choose when you make the adjustment, you will have to change the code.