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Good evening

I am the owner and System admin of my biz

some times the salesman make mistakes in QTY and amounts because they are new to the system, so is there any way to edit the invoice instead of voiding it the creating another one.

I am wondering if voiding the sales invoice will void delivery, payment and related transactions.

Thank you all for all the efforts you are doing so far.

Re: how to edit invoice QTY and amount

On making a single Direct Invoice with a single item, the attached sqls take place.
See if you want to manually interfere to correct such a mistake if one exists.

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Re: how to edit invoice QTY and amount

In the above link your issue is discussed in detail.

Re: how to edit invoice QTY and amount

Thanks @apmuthu @rafat for your prompt response,

@apmuthu modifing database is not a good idea for me as it may create bigger problems, but thank you for your suggestion.

@rafat the discussion does not give a clear picture of the solution but at least it gave me a good idea thanks.