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Topic: Landed Cost | Solution (Maybe!)

I'm into it for a week to find out how to process a proper purchase from a foreign supplier along with local expenses, and I have found a solution that looks well to me, but I want to share it with you people to know how it is.

While making a purchase, we go through the process (Purchase Order > Good Receiving Note > Purchase Invoice > Payment Allocation), and after the purchase process the General Ledger looks like this:

General Ledger Transaction
Account Name      |   Debit   |   Credit   
Supplier Payable                       5000
Insurance Exp           500
Tax Exp                      300
Freight                       200
GR Clearing Acc         4000

Total                           5000        5000

The expenses are paid by us and in Home Currency, but in the above transaction, the total is credited into Supplier's Payable account.

The Solution
What if we make a payable account of all expenses above and credit the same amount in them, and Debit the total of Supplier Payable and others in Good Received Cleaning Account.

General Ledger Transaction
Account Name      |   Debit   |   Credit   
Supplier Payable                       4000
Insurance Payable                    500
Tax Payable                               300
Freight Payable                         200
GR Clearing Acc         5000

Total                           5000        5000

This way we will also get so-called Landed Cost debited into Good Received Clearing Account and we will have our local payable expenses separated from supplier payable. BUT While testing the above method, and creating all expenses payable account, the transaction is still being debited and I believe all GL Items "no matter what account I choose" will be debited, so we need to change the functionality.

My Do
I've disabled the GL Items in Purchase Invoice and Supplier Credit Note and making another function in Purchase section where I will get invoices and load local payable expenses, and add total value into Good Received Clearing Account of that invoice, which will solve our problem.

Currently, I've having hurdles as I'm a newbie in PHP and there is no documentation for Purchase section, so any help will be appreciable.