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Topic: Error Code 1292

When I try to register suppliers invoice, I am getting this error:

Cannot add journal entry error code : 1292

error message : Incorrect date value: '' for column 'event_date' at row 1
sql that failed was : INSERT INTO 1_journal( `type`,`trans_no`, `amount`, `currency`, `rate`, `reference`, `source_ref`, `tran_date`, `event_date`, `doc_date`) VALUES('0','2764','480','EUR','1','3661','','2019-12-01','','')

FA 2.4.7
php 7.2.25

How can I fix this?

Re: Error Code 1292

If you are running a current version of FA, the null date problem you are experiencing could be a bug that was unmasked by the introduction of STRICT_ALL_TABLES.   You could try reverting it.  See this post.

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Thank you Braath Waate,

If I understand this correct, I should edit the file:

find this line:


so the line looks like this:
define('SQL_MODE', '');

Is this correct?

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Re: Error Code 1292

Ok this seems to work. Thank you for your help.