Topic: FA - Update to latest version + Customization

My FA site is running in the 2.3.22 version and I will need professional assistance to update to the latest version.

My site has done some customizations (done through paid programmers) that I would like to retain after the update.
And certainly I do not want the update process impacts my company's daily operation.

If anyone with experience is interested, please kindly PM me.
It will be good if you can let me know your relevant experience in the past and your price range.

If this project goes well, there are other customizations would like to make to our site. Thank you.

Re: FA - Update to latest version + Customization

Anyone attempting this work will atleast need to do the following:
1. Take a diff of the existing codebase with the plain vanilla FA v2.3.22 - this will have the site specific changes as well as the customisation changes.
2. Study the schema changes between the backedup exisiting install and the new one in FA 2.3.26.
3. Some customisations will have been assimilated into FA 2.3.26 or FA 2.4.7+ already.
4. After incorporating the customisations into the attached FA 2.3.26 changed files, do an upgrade after taking files and sql backups.
5. If all works fine, then do the same for FA 2.4.7+ with schema and data changes necessary by referring the various sql and php DB updates necessary present in the sql folder in FA 2.4.7+.
6. Make adjustments to the sysprefs table and config.php as necessary.


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