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Topic: Be aware of scammer


Just want to warn other FA developer not to get job from Mario Hana from Egypt(mariohana19877@gmail.com)

I have finished working with him and he still not paying after more than a month. He will lie that he has transferred money and give a bunch of reason of failed transfer. If he contacted you for project, either refused and block him or ask for money in advance. I am really loss here because I have spent time to work and my promised amount is quite big for me.

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This guy also has other emails including: davidpolin3000@gmail.com, Almohasb159@gmail.com, almohasb0777@yahoo.com


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tanx for info  send ....

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Standard Operating Procedure:

Always make sure you place your work on your staging server and show the client the work done and receive payment and then provide it for the client. Otherwise, do it in good faith and make sure you do not bother with further requests and when versions change, they will be left high and dry.

If you try to put in "time bombs", you will spoil your reputation as a developer and bring a bad name to the project.

This forum should not be used to malign genuine developers and clients. It is best to keep personal disputes outside of the forum.

Please note that the last email address you provided belongs to a Senior Member since 2013 with 67 posts till date - @almohasb.

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Re: Be aware of scammer

@apmuthu, he is not writing to dispute the losses that he incur with him. He is trying to create awareness to other developers  that they shouldnt affect in future. And the forum is not only discuss about the existing features and bugs. It also talks about jobs. So it's good to make the other developers to know a wrong person. If an user mind to talk to the developer because of this post means he is also a scammer. Such an user is not necessary for developers like him.

An user post more than 50 posts or topics he can be senior member. That doesn't mean he is a loyal.  He may be stealing the work of developers not the forum. A forum should help to protect the developers and users. This way the users and developers feel secure to start using FA as their software. We should encourage both developers and users. A community truely provides good platform for the developers, definitely it will grow well.

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Re: Be aware of scammer

The guy named Mario Hana use almohasb email address for paypal invoice but never paid me. He used a lot of excuses and really strange excuse. I don't know the relationship between them or whether they are the same person or not. I also contacted by guy named David Polin. Maybe notrinos can tell us how he know about Mario Hana, almohasb, and David Polin.

It was my mistake to give my work before I got paid. I have worked for years and this is the only time I got scammed. The guy already told me he had transferred the money via bank transfer (international) and told me it would arrive in 3-5 days. I believed him and gave him the work. After that "transfer" failure, I forced him to use paypal, transferwise, western union etc. He gave me fake WU transaction number and fake tansferwise receipt.

Anyway, just be careful guys. Make sure to not believe anyone and get paid before delivery. Only use paypal or other direct payment method that you can know the guy paying you is not lying. If you contacted guy above, just don't trust easily.

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A hall of shame is necessary but only after preliminary discussion with other developers but may not serve the intended purpose as the pseudonyms keep changing when the intention is wrong.

Scammers can use the legitimate email addresses of good users if their intention is not to pay.

Also some pseudo developers get contract from clients and palm it off to other real developers, get the job done and then pay or pay less or do not pay at all but finally take credit for the work done and get paid handsomely by the unsuspecting client.

Many clients get their job done in the forum without the intention to pay as well but atleast the solution is there for others to benefit as well and possibly get into the core.

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For minior changes  and a feature which is useful to the core and developer thinks to give it free. There is no problem. But this one he promised to pay and cheat developers. It's necessary to inform other developers to save from evil minded clients. We definitely encourage the other clients and their requests for free or paid. If developer and client agrees to make it work absolutely it's good. But For bad developers and bad clients should be reported to prevent abuse from the other good people in the community.