Topic: New/Changed Fields in Database for release 2.5

New/Changed Fields that are going to be implemented in 2.5:

supplier.bank_account - 60 chars => 100 chars
audit_trail.description - 60 chars => tinytext
    Remove substr in function add_audit_trail.

Attaching MS Office documents like docx, xlsx, pptx, etc will result in error as the mime type exceeds 60 characters - need to increase the size of the field attachments.filetype to say 100 from the current 60 characters.

Weight and size on Items for totalizing on order/invoice. (
FrontAccounting forum → Reporting → Bug in rep102.php. Using Journal Entry problem.
FrontAccounting forum → FA Modifications → Working on an extension for invoicing and I have questions.... Empty rows.
Salesman also related to sales order:
Stock Item. An extra field for secondary code (barcode).
More to come here....


Re: New/Changed Fields in Database for release 2.5

Also remember this item in 2.5:


Re: New/Changed Fields in Database for release 2.5

I have created a Mailing List for the most active Development Senior Members/Moderators. We will use this to discuss development matters from now.

We are awaiting a rather big commitment from Janusz regarding rewriting of som parts of the core.

When this is done we can start active development.

Janusz will write an initial letter to this list.

If you do not like to be included in this Mailing List, just tell us. We will then delete you from the list.

Should other Senior Members, that are active in development, wish to join the list, then just tell me and I will include you.