Topic: Locating Material Reserved After Release?

When I release an Advanced Work Order, I am looking for the view or report that would show the material, which is on the BOM, as reserved or under the Demand column or somewhere. I would like Quantity Available to indicate the result of this material not being available after I release the work order. I would assume this is how it should work from the wiki:

Wiki wrote:

Manufactured Finished Goods Sequence

    The material is first taken when producing.
    The simple assembling is taken immediately from raw material.
    For the advanced manufacturing this happens during producing.
    Normally we don't use the work in progress as it generally goes from raw material directly to finished goods.
    Of course the material is reserved after the release (Advanced Manufacturing).

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Re: Locating Material Reserved After Release?

There does not seem to be one

Looks like you may have to write your own, @apmuthu has written a ERD for manufacturing and other's here, it may be outdated as was written for V2.3, but it's a starting point.

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc)

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Re: Locating Material Reserved After Release?

Thanks Poncho. I'll have to look into that sometime later. Even when I look at the Status tab of one of the BOM items, it doesn't indicate the reserve. Right now, I'm have a hard time trying to get a report formatted for my small label printer labels for product marking.