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It seems there is no way (or an easy one) to setup languages in NGINX. I could make everything work fine in Apache, but it is not happening in NGINX, I think the directories are not the same in both servers.

I installed everything I found here, setting locales and Frontaccounting is not finding the languages I set.

Pleaaaase can you help me?. Thanks

Re: Languages and NGINX

Run phpinfo is gettext extension enabled?
Compare phpinfo with both servers

Not too many posts using FA on NGINX here, maybe someone has similar experience, but its probably more worthwhile to search 'gettext not working NGINX'on google, gives plenty of results.

The FrontAccounting Wiki(Manual, examples, tips, setup info, links to accounting sites, etc)

Re: Languages and NGINX

Github has one such project. Take a look at the actual nginx yml file for docker.

Re: Languages and NGINX

Which language are you using? I'm running FA on Nginx without locales problem.


Re: Languages and NGINX

Thanks a lot to everyone. I just needed to restart php7 component. I had restart mysql and nginx but I didn't know a restart was needed on php7. Thanks for your help