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Topic: Supplier Invoices (Expenses & TAX Calculation) - Problem in TAX Calc.

I understand the two types of Supplier Invoices, and the importance or usage for each.
1. Direct Supplier Invoice
2. Supplier Invoices

However, there is a problem/glitch/bug or an issue in either my understanding of "SUPPLIER INVOICE" or in "SUPPLIER INVOICE & TAX CALC" in the following Scenario.

Recreate the case:
(1). Create Purchase Order for Taxable Item Item (Lets Say Price 1,000 and Tax of 5% comes as 50)
(2). Receive Purchase Order Items (same details above)
(3.1). Choose Supploer
(3.2). Add the Item of the P.O
(3.3). Add GL Item for this Invoice (Lets Say Water Expense) of 200
(3.4). Add Gl Item for this Invoice (Sales Tax 5%) of 10.00 (200 * 5%)
>>> Automatically FA will add 5% of the 200 to the VAT amount of the SUPPLIER INVOICE showing the following:
----------- Sub Total = 1,200  [1,000 + 200]
----------- Taxes 60 [50 + 10]
----------- Invoice Total = 1,260

>>>> THE PROBLEM <<<<
(1) Go  to Tax Report, you will find only the 50 (from the Item) but you won't find the 10 (from the GL).
(2) in the GL (Journal Enquiry) and at the Trial Balance the 60 will be shown in the account of "Sales Tax"

PS: Regardless if you add item or not still the FA will not consider the calculated tax for the GL Tax Account whether you add an Item or Not, But adding the item above was for clarifying the issue that I am facing

Re: Supplier Invoices (Expenses & TAX Calculation) - Problem in TAX Calc.

This issue has been discussed in length in the below thread, go towards the end and you might find your solution. It worked for me as I faced the same problem.