Topic: Release 2.5.

Hello all active/passive Developers.

I am going to initiate the upcoming implementation of 2.5. Please tell me if I have forgotton anyting or things you think should be considered.

I will put this in the 'Code' section below as we agree on it.

1. HRM module in the core. I wil check with Janusz. If he is out of time, maybe @notrinos can take over this.
2. Interactive DashBoard. Initiative by @notrinos. Changing part of the core to make it work smoothly. @notrinos can fix this.
3. More modern default theme, but still keeping the existing. Add option for own login box etc. @joe is looking into that.
4. Approval System for GL Postings.
5. Some kind of Landed Costs when entering Supplier Invoice.
6. Bank Account. Fields for sort-code/ABA/Region, IBAN, Swift/BIC code.
99. More options to come here as they are agreed.


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Re: Release 2.5.

Please add "bin" for warehouse stock.

Also this one for tax info.

Re: Release 2.5.

Janusz (@itronics) and I are having a meeting medio June. We will then decide which items will be incorporated in release 2.5.

Please give your opinions so we don't forget anything that should be included 2.5. I will then put it into to point in the first post.


Re: Release 2.5.

Our meeting 14.06.2019 - 16.06.2019 Janusz (@itronics) / Joe.

We (Janusz and Joe) had a constructive meeting and went through many topics both for 2.4 and 2.5.
The 2.4 things were mostly bugs. The 2.5 stuff follows:

1. HRM module in the core. We are looking at the solutions from @notrinos and @kvvaradha (extendedHRM). Both has Pros and Cons.
May I ask these developers about what kind of License you have on these modules?

2. Interactive Dashboard developed by @notrinos. License? By Interactive I mean: Is is ok to implement dynamic periods and option for different graph types in the graphs (Would be cool)?

3. Modern Default Theme. I will make a poll in this forum about which themes should be in the core and whish should go to the themes repo. The current Default theme could eventually be named Classic.
[del]Also make it possible to take over the login boxes etc. by a local Example will be available during the 2.5 development.[/del]

4. Making Tax Digital VAT in UK and EEC. Adding som more fields in the Tax Groups to better handle future templates for tax reporting.

5. Out of stock Problem in Multi User Environment. In the Multi User Environment a stock item can be zero if there are many users operating on the same stocks. This may be a problem when delivering ordered stocks.
This should be handled by either a Cycling check through the line items and check for stock just before saving. If some of the stocks are zero or below,  the delivery should not be allowed. You can try again with less stock or dropping the row, and try to save again.  
Another option is to create a reserved field, but this solution may also be a problem. Maybe a Company Setup to implement the recycling check. More discussions are welcome.

These were the main topics discussed on our meeting.


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Re: Release 2.5.

I want to suggest that in 2.5 we shall include this modification done by @anoopmb

This is very useful approval system. It requires some database changes that we can do in 2.5. Currently it is applied only to GL module but later on we can gradually shift its application to all other modules.

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Re: Release 2.5.

1. Flexible Barcoding (and label printing) and Bin Locations in Warehousing.
2. Single table for all lookup masters with a filter field for form field dictionary name.
3. Move all functions in reports that are common to more than one report to a separate reporting/includes/report_functions.php file.
4. Categories for Items (cascading dropdowns).
5. Attributes for Items where price does not change.

Re: Release 2.5.

My point 3 in post #4 is not so easy as I thought. We are in a catch 22 situation. The theme is user based and the user is first picked up after the login box. So we have to stay with the login box in the default theme.

I thought about a config.php variable to solve the problem, but I would avoid this.

If any of you have a more intelligent solution, please tell me.

After discussion with users, I think we should keep the existing core themes and incorporate all the new themes in the Themes repo for both 2.4 and 2.5. At present there are no differences in the themes operations.


Re: Release 2.5.

Keeping a sys_prefs variable for the specific company's default theme choice too will be available only after login to the specific company.

Using the matched last logged in IP may suffice if fixed IPs (or net block) at the client side are there.

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Re: Release 2.5.

In the next major release please remove all DEFAULT '0000-00-00' for every date fields
Since SQL Mode now strict mode it is an invalid value for Mysql date data
In the reference below they said:

The DATE type is used for values with a date part but no time part. MySQL retrieves and displays DATE values in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format. The supported range is '1000-01-01' to '9999-12-31'.


Re: Release 2.5.

Dimensions should be allowed to receive balance booking. This will be implemented in release 2.5.

News. This is already implemented in 2.4.8 late commits.

Re: Release 2.5.

Increase Supplier Item Description in Purchasing Data from 50 characters to 200 characters.

Item fields like minimum price, minimum discounts per salesman/customer.