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php mail function is becoming unreliable this days, not to mention gmail and yahoo spam filter doesn't like emails sent this way. Also, if you are on a shared host account, you can experience a few hours delay in sending out email.

A better alternative is phpmailer or even better SMPT.

If phpmailer is used, it will be very useful to have the sender as the login user account. This way Salesman Bob is sending quote email to Company A, so that if Company A have questions, it will call Salesman Bob.

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Yes, SMTP would be good
Actually I'm using SMTP in my system, however for user who does not have technical knowledge declaring SMPT parameters would confuse them a bit, so we would keep the original php mail functions as an option also. Build-in php mail function is good for someone using a professional mail server also.

@joe if the idea is not bad I would suggest changes in the core for this purpose


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Hello Guys,

I am aware of the problems. However using the built-in mail function has normally been working ok during the years.

Using phpmailer requires an existing account for using it.

Suggestions are welcome.


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Using SMTP elaborate the service with emailing the generated PDF. However this is not fulfill without email Templates based in types and PDF.  So we need to include email Templates and SMTP together we can go with phpmailer or swiftmailer.

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I'm using phpmailer on several projects and it works great. Emails will pass through google and yahoo spam filter.
I don't know much about swiftmailer, but I read that now requires PHP 7.0 or higher.