Topic: Where is $def_app used?

First of all I would like to compliment the developers for having developed this web application which I find to be very well done and very useful as a business application.

Although I find FA (2.1.4) readily useable out of the box for our needs, I just need to do some tiny adjustment to match our exact use. I should need more help later on but for the moment, I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me which script is using $def_app defined in config.php.

Thank you and regards.

Re: Where is $def_app used?

This global variable is used in the file /includes/page/, line 103. It sets the default application tab during the startup. Now it is set to tab "orders", but if you need another tab to be default, you can change it in config.php.


Re: Where is $def_app used?

Thanks Joe!

I appreciate the quick reply. Yes, found $def_app in

I'm configuring the applications to be loaded based on the access level of the users. Of course FA already have a built in access control for different user security setting but I would like the different applications not be shown at all for different users. So far I've managed to have something to that effect using $security_groups and switch statements inside frontaccounting.php. That's why I need to do something about $def_app as the default application varies according to different user access level. This is especially relevant when using the Elegant theme.

Thanks again Joe!

Re: Where is $def_app used?

Keep in mind access system is subject to hue changes in release 2.2 which will be available nearly. From 2.2.0 personal roles wll be fine editable and stored in database.

Re: Where is $def_app used?

Noted the info with thanks Janusz.

Can't wait for the release of 2.2.