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can you please tell me how can we arrange of entries in GL like

Dr then Cr

in GL your system shown to me;

Cr , Dr , Cr

can we do that first all Dr amount shown and than all Cr amount shown

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Re: Rearrange of Entries

The order in which the transactions get entered is the order in which it displays. Enter all your Dr entries first and then the Cr entries and you will get what you want. Consider the state when you edit an entry and the amount changes positions later!

Re: Rearrange of Entries

ok, i understand but in Direct invoice its come as

cr dr cr

Re: Rearrange of Entries

Then try with all the Cr Entries first and then enter the Dr entries and see what the output is.

Re: Rearrange of Entries


In direct invoice we only give the orders i mean sale of items and
sales to be CR
after generating invoice its automatically set the others DR or CR or DR and CR

this thing is not in Invoice and other

is there any way we can give a code that first enter DR and then CR, possible in CODE

Re: Rearrange of Entries

This is some quirk of choosing rows in alphabetical or some other order in the sqls used.