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Topic: Sales order modification it is simple

I need to modify the sales order entry a single item to multiple customers.
the driver will deliver the product to multiple customers a single item like water supply.

the problem is a single sales order to a single customer but many products.

I need a single sales order to multiple customers a single product to be delivered by the driver.

Or we can also remove add item panel in the sales order and add customer panels in the sales order and to make it recurrent for everyday use without adding customer on it on daily basis. we can make it as recurrent sales order template and use it for everyday task.

or if not to edit the existing button for creating sales order we can also make the same copy of sales order or add extra our modified sales order button on below sales order " sales order by customers "

NEED to print single sheet A4 with many customers sales order inside it.

waiting for your valuable replays

wising my self-best of luck.