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Yes, you are right it looks to be very similar but the side menu and charts are not identical. As I said, my friend has given the idea of how the dashboard should looks like, the sales dashboard is tested and complete for the time being.

He also mentioned about the notrinos site and approached @notrinos but the source code would be provided only upon a payment (commercial version).

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You have a very good friend. Once you are finished with it we would love to see the source code..(if not chargeable of course) because it looks very good.

Good luck.

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Hello Guys,

I see that you have been using the chartist.js chart for implementing parts of the dashboard. I have been looking at many different js charts and found the chart.js to be the best.
I just wonder if the chartist.js is able to handle the RTL languages. And also swapping the yaxis and reversing the xaxis series.
I have done a sample pdf files with the various charts done by chart.js and a little help with internal js.
A PHP wrapper class is also created to easier handle the various options. The titles and buttons in the RTL variants are HTML and are automatically swapped to RTL in the real world.
Please have a look at this pdf file.

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For those who wish to experiment with chartist.js, the links are:

A nice tutorial on where to include javascript and what it does:

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Looks nice..
One thing about RTL ..and I am one of these guys. The Graphs and the axis are always the same as in every other Language. This is Math and not language..actually its very wrong to mirror the Graph for RTL as its portrays the wrong data...But the Text needs to be RTL. So the X and Y axis for RTL is exactly the same as all other languages..One thing you might have noticed ..we write characters RTL but we always write numbers LTR..

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Ok I understand. Retrieving info on Google regarding this is very confusing.
But then everything seems easy to handle. chart.js has the relevant flags to show the legends perfectly in RTL. And the text and so on will automatically flow correct when the page is in RTL.


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Absolutely...if this is implemented..its a good way forward.

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Hello again,

New file uploaded. See post 53 above.


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Yes sir looks very nice.

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I chose chartis.js because I though it was an early stage project and easy to understand and develop later.
But chart.js is awsome.

Thank you