Topic: erorr database

i need solve xampp is down and not work
i need recovery database
export from .frm .ibd to .sql file
plz help me for this
this is file database got from xampp\mysql\data

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Re: erorr database

I've never done it but...

With ref to the 2nd answer here

It looks like you need the




files as well, your zip file doesn't have them.

Look in the root of xampp\mysql\data, they should be there.

Also i think you need the name of the database, which would be the name of the folder you got your .frm .ibd files from or confirm it is 'news'

What happens if you create a new xampp installation and copy the above files there? Make sure mysql is off before you copy the files.

Googling 'restore mysql database from ibdata and .frm files' brings up lots of good suggestions

@apmuthu should be online later, maybe he can help?

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