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Topic: Extra Column or Search option for invoices by Customer Order Reference

It would really help people who need to take customer payment (for due invoices) according to "Customer Order Reference".

If there would be a column just beside the invoice no. or invoice reference no. in customer payment page/transaction inquiry/allocation inquiry and other pages to avoid clicking on the link (invoice no./invoice reference no.) to see the customer order reference.

Because when there are hundreds of due invoices and need to find any specific one and take payment by the customer order reference no, it becomes almost impossible.

Since we have a field for "Customer Order Reference" while creating invoice it would possible to retrieve that data from database in a column in the report/inquiry page by search option or by adding an extra column

So if it is possible to create a column or search option in the existing system (customer payment/transaction inquiry/allocation inquiry/customer balance/sales summary etc) it would be really helpful if someone shows the way for doing so. Though I am not a programmer I think I could manage with the help from any of you here.

Thank you very much for your kind passion.

Re: Extra Column or Search option for invoices by Customer Order Reference

I agree.. The customer order ref should be searchable. It makes a hell of a difference when a customer calls and needs to know his/her/their order since its the only information he/she/ or they has to inquire about.