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Some of you have objected to the newly implemented class type definition (from 2.1.3). We promissed you a backward compability. This backward compatibility was not 100%. It worked as in the oldversion by setting a variable, $use_oldstyle_convert on line 78 in config.php, to a value of 1.
But when dealing with the account class types the new types were presented instead of the old one 'Balance sheet' checkbox.

This has been fixed in today's CVS update of the file /gl/manage/gl_account_classes.php, revision 1.6. You can download it from here

This fully backward compatibility will continue to be there in release 2.2 and as long as it is needed.

Just remember to set the variable in config.php, $use_oldstyle_convert, to a value of 1, every time you update the config.php file.

The sign converting before was done on Income and Expenses (not balance sheet), in the Reports Balance Sheet, PL statement and Monthly Break Down, and this is of course also working as before when setting this variable to 1.


Re: The new Class Types

Dear Joe,

1. The New Class Type you added is very usefull, and it gives a big flexibilty for declaring the Account Types/Groups.

2. I changed the type of [ id, INT(11)         to  id, varchar(6) ]        in the chart_types
    I changed the type of [ Parent, INT(11)  to  Parent, varchar(6) ] in the chart_types

3. I changed the type of [ cid, Tynint(1)  to  cid, Tynint(3) ] in the chart_types

4. I Changed the type of " account_code " in chart_master and all the related fields from varchar[11]  to  varchar[15]

============ those are usefull changes and it give us an account nb looks like   PeachTree Accouting Software use   ===========

5. I failed to translate the PDF reports generated by REPGEN 2.1 with a UTF-8

    I'm using arabic language and I have an important problem & I think you already know it:

          The printed arabic letters appears like this:    شاشة 17 بوØμØ© .  It is a problem of uncoding.
          Is there any solution for this problem ?

Thanks for your help assistance

Re: The new Class Types

It sounds interesting with the change of primay key types, but let us wait for any other comments to that.
Personly I am not glad for the long account code field. My experience is that 6 should be enough, at most 11 as is now.

Regarding the REPGEN 2.1 you are probably right. It was a long time since this repgen was created. It should use the 'ae_tholoth' font as default, but I guess the zarbold is better (gives less fingerprint and is available for download at the download section). This can be changed in /reporting/includes/ about line 101.
I am sorry I don't have the resources to help you at present, but I hope you will figure it out yourself.


Re: The new Class Types


Since I defined the Account types varchar(6) as (example) :
*      421
*      42110 ; 42120 are Sub-Types

then come the role of the account code as below :

*               42110150-12   ;  42110110-10   =====>   [ 42110 ] refers to the Parent Account Type & the [ 150-12 ] & [ 110-10 ] refers to the
                                                                                                                                                        running account_code

*      OR  simply 421103100 ; 421103200     =====>   [ 42110 ] refers to the Parent Account Type & the [ 3200 ] & [ 3200 ] refers to the
                                                                                                                                                         running account_code
This Idea/Method will helps a lot when queyring at the different levels of Accounts Tree Structure with what is known
[ Account Roll Up feature ] in the widely reputable accounting software [ Peachtree ]. You may then, filter all the Transactions under the 42110 Account Type for example with a simple SQL Statment.

So practically, the account_code length is >= 9 char length According the account_type length (<=6 char).

Regarding FrontAccount Arabic Reports, the matter is resolved with what you mentionned and already I apply it and it works well.

But Again I wish/hope that a new version of REPGEN will support the UTF-8 charset soon. And surely if I resolved , I will post the solution.


Re: The new Class Types

Hi all.
Kalido's solution for groups (types) is WHAT i was been looking for. Reporting over subgroups is very easy in that way, just need sql statements. Moreover, from my point of view, the structure of the COA becomes more flexible to futures requirements of the enterprise.

I vote for him!


Re: The new Class Types

RepGen 2.1 w/ Arabic (or utf-8) char Support:

in the (file exist in the Folder ../Modules/Repgen)

Go to around Line # 1253 , you will find :

       $rep->pdf = new Cpdf('A4');

Delete it & Replace it with the Following :

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////      kalido
$l = array(
'a_meta_charset'   => strtoupper($_SESSION['language']->encoding),
'a_meta_dir'          => ($_SESSION['language']->dir === 'rtl' ? 'rtl' : 'ltr'),
'a_meta_language' => $code = $_SESSION['language']->code,
'w_page'               => 'page'

$rep->pdf = new Cpdf('A4',$l);
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////    kalido

And " VOILA ", You will have RepGen Generate Reports Supporting the
Arabic Language as per the Standard Method That Generate them FrontAccount.

Surely, you need to install the Arabic Language Fonts from :

and install them as described per FrontAccount Authors.

Now :

I hope for the future that somebody made a Simple/Easy Payroll System and link it to FA as an Integrated Module.


Kalido (Khaled)

Re: The new Class Types


I am glad you resolved this issue.

I will fix this for the download version 2.1 on the Website.