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is there any way to do this?   I was working out my new workflow with FA and here is how I would like it to work.

Sales Order Created by "office."

Delivery against sales order by "shipping dept."

Invoicing against Sales delivery by "office."

This makes sense, but here is the issue.   once a Sales delivery is made, the prices on the invoice can no longer be changed.   So, if the original sales order was missing a price, or had a price typed incorrectly, there is no way to fix it.

Is there any way to reset to "not delivered" or otherwise correct any errors during the invoice process?   I haven't found the way if there is, which doesn't make a lot of sense.   I understand not being able to make changes after an order is invoiced out, but I should be able to make adjustments BEFORE it's invoiced out.   


Re: Undo or Undeliver a Sales order

You can void the invoice, then void the delivery, then edit the sales order, then deliver again, then invoice again.

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Oh!  So.. since I haven't invoiced, it's possible to just void the delivery transaction?  Then I can go and edit the sales order?

Am I missing the way to edit the prices on an invoice AFTER it's been delivered?  Or is this void the only way?

Re: Undo or Undeliver a Sales order

Yes, void the delivery to edit the sales order and then redo the delivery.

Void is the only way.

Note that FA allows you to change the sales order after delivery/invoicing, but these changes are not reflected in the delivery/invoice.

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@Braath Waate, Yes ofcourse the Sales order is allowed to edit and make changes, and those changes will not affect the delivery and invoice. So we dont need to change the invoice/delivery for sales order edit.

Lets take an example and do this.

lets say item A ordered 5 and delivered 2 and invoiced that 2 quantity. And now, i am going to edit the sales order,  Here i cant change the quantity less than 2 . but i can increase the quantity from 5 to above numbers.

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Re: Undo or Undeliver a Sales order

Thanks for your help!  This solves my issue - but I really don't understand not being able to change the invoiced prices AFTER a delivery has been made.

This forces the office to do all the work instead of allowing a more efficient and logical workflow where a different department handles their own process.      Shipping departments should handle deliveries and logging that a delivery has been made.   They should not be responsible for checking prices of products.   

Likewise, AR/invoicing departments shouldn't have to handle delivery notes or shipping data, but they should have a final possibility to correct a pricing error from the original sales order.

I guess I'll make a feature request big_smile   

Thanks again!