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First of all thank you so much for coming up with this software and its very helpful.

I have a small business and i have below use case.

- We provide services to a customer and there are different projects of the customer
- Lets say customer is A and they have project X, Y & Z
- I have suppliers as well, lets say have suppliers E,F & G
- I want to make sure all payments im doing for supplier E for the project X tagged to that project X and finally to figure out how much was the cost for project X
- Further I will enter how much Im getting out of project X from Customer A and will do PNL of the project X with all the costing done towards that project
- At the same time I want to manage supplier costing in the system as overall for payments while i need to bill for each project separately for the customer

Is this something we can do within front account, it does not require to be directly done, can you think of any workarounds that can be used

Thank you so much.

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Re: Project level billing and costing

Hi, Dimensions (Cost Centers) are what you need, read about them in the wiki
As you are new to FA, you may want to set up an additional installation (or company) of FA for testing, etc, you can then experiment with dimensions without affecting your company accounts

Re: Project level billing and costing

Thank you so much for your prompt response and advise, let me go through it, thanks again.

Re: Project level billing and costing

Hi there, one more question, seems like dimension reference is having a fixed format in the field, is there any way to change it to a format which we prefer (like a number), thanks.

Re: Project level billing and costing

Dimensions are just independant numeric levels in the code but in the user interface you can name it what you want, like Departments can be Dimension 1 and Profit Centres can be Dimension 2.

Re: Project level billing and costing

Noted with thanks Muthu and I found the way to change the dimension reference as well, thanks.