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Topic: how to change the pdf layout ?

I cant find the layout of PDF files . 
I want to change the layout of PDF. Basically i want to  remove one column  (Your vat no ) all over the pdf file.
I had deleted the column name and value also but there the empty column, i want to delete this empty column.
is there some body whose can help me .

Re: how to change the pdf layout ?

The file reporting/includes/doctext.inc has 9 instances of the string "Your VAT no". They are assigned as translated keys in the array $aux_info and used in reporting/includes/header2.inc in lines 167-175:

        foreach($aux_info as $info_header => $info_content)

            $this->row = $iline2 - $this->lineHeight - 1;
            $this->TextWrap($col, $this->row, $width, $info_header, 'C');
            $this->row = $iline3 - $this->lineHeight - 1;
            $this->TextWrap($col, $this->row, $width, $info_content, 'C');
            $col += $width;

You can selectively delete the offending "Your VAT no" element or skip over it in the loop above.