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Topic: Historical depreciation

hello guys,
Since there's not so many detailed information about Fixed asset processes available online, maybe you could advise me.
There's situation that we need to enter asset which has been purchased in November 2017 and depreciate it's cost by 33% monthly, I was able to enter asset and purchase documents and backdate order itself, payment and depreciation start date, however when I come to depreciation step application "Process Depreciation" tells that no assets to depreciate exists, alright I bet because of start date in previous year so I changed depreciation start to 01.01.2018 then I was able to access depreciation processing parameters, but then I realized that "Starting from month " is "February 2018", although I only need to depreciate period 01.11.2017 - 31.03.2018. guys is there any way to change this  "Starting from month" attribute? Does this application permits something like this? Also financial regulations (at least in my country) do not restrict historical postings until fiscal year has to be submitted to state revenue instances.

There are no problems with the current assets, which were entered into the system on time and depreciated every 1-2 months.

Thank you in advance!