Topic: BOM part substitution

As far as I can tell, the FA manufacturing module does not support part substitution, meaning that a common manufactured item is built in more than one way, using different parts.

So I am thinking of changing the code.  The BOM editor would need to support entry of a manufactured item with multiple BOMs.   Work order creation would need to select the manufactured item to be built as well as the BOM to be used.

This would require database changes, adding a BOM identifier to the bom and workorders tables to identify distinct BOMs.

Does this make sense or would someone suggest a different approach?

Re: BOM part substitution

It is appropriate to make a separate manufactured item for each BOM even if the end product is the same. This is so because in the case of assembled kits, when a breakup occurs, the respective parts / components can be sent back to inventory in the same manner it comprised the specific BOM it used.

Re: BOM part substitution

Because the workorder table would add the the BOM identifier, disassembly would use the correct BOM and the correct components would be sent back to inventory.

Separate manufactured items for the same product do not meet my requirement, because that would result in separate inventory, and result in sales complexity, since the customer should be offered only one product, not a choice of separate items that are actually the same thing.