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Topic: Updating Standard Charts

The recent commit to the standard Charts missed out the Deferred Income Account in the chart_master table and left the corresponding SysPrefs entry blank. Correct it with (if not already done) substituting appropriate table prefix:

INSERT INTO `0_chart_master` (`account_code`,`account_code2`,`account_name`,`account_type`,`inactive`) VALUES ('2105', '', 'Deferred Income Account', '4', '0');

INSERT INTO `0_payment_terms` (`terms_indicator`,`terms`,`days_before_due`,`day_in_following_month`,`inactive`) VALUES ('5', 'Prepaid Sale', '-1', '0', '0');

UPDATE `0_sys_prefs` SET `value`='2105' WHERE `name`='deferred_income_act'; 

If the entry is not there in the sys_prefs table, add it in with:

INSERT INTO `0_sys_prefs` (`name`,`category`,`type`,`length`,`value`) VALUES ('deferred_income_act', 'glsetup.sales', 'varchar', '15', '2105');

Note: This is only for those who use the standard en_US-new.sql and en_US-demo.sql and their translations.

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Re: Updating Standard Charts

@itronics: Thanks. Committed.