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Topic: Splitting sales function and PO function

I noticed that for sales function: sales quotation, sales order, sales delivery, direct delivery, invoice, direct invoice are in one file. This also happen in PO. PO entry, PO receive item, direct GRN, supplier invoice, direct supplier invoice are all in one file.

I do believe this is really bad practice. This makes the file really complicated with too many if. This also make modifying functionality really troublesome because I always need to add if in my modification depend on transaction.

I hope this can be split into their own functionality. If there are similarity, some function should be created and can be used together rather than using many if then.

Re: Splitting sales function and PO function

The direct sales invoice (and direct purchase invoice) actually do all of the other work like making sales quote/order/delivery and possibly payment if it is a cash terms invoice and hence the need for all the code to be in one place. They all populate the same set of transaction tables and share a lot of the same code.

Functions can be created for wach work but they will need to address scope of variables too - global-ising everything is not controllable.