Topic: sale order entry

i need help about sales order entry  when user edit price item
now in system
if price edit < cost view alarm in system yellow color and can complete order

i need help

if price < price list in system not accepted complete and view red alarm and no any relation in cost if price low cost

how this

Re: sale order entry

no any answer ?

Re: sale order entry

You probably mean:
When a user enters the price of an item, if that :
  price < cost (which cost: average, last, etc?) show a yellow notification alert
  price < list price (which list price - there may be many) show a red notification alert.

Make an extension to implement your rules.

Re: sale order entry

its done but i need if price < list price = not complete order

how can solve this ?

Re: sale order entry

Please share your code so that it can be evaluated to accomodate it into the core.