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Hi every one

I am new to FA but I have a little knowledge of programming,

My request is to have a button to upload a csv file within "Direct Purchase Invoice Entry" screen as an option then fill the items lines automatically to the Direct Purchase Invoice form from that file.

I wish I am clear with my request

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Try one of the import transaction extensions. You will have to enter the exact string values for the fields needed.

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Thank you Ap.Muthu for your advise.

but import transaction is not what I am looking for, I am looking for a function available as an option within "Direct Purchase Invoice Entry" page if you click it will ask you to choose local csv file containing all the supplier invoiced items then after uploading the file it should fill the form automatically with all items, then after checking them we can process the Direct Purchase Invoice Entry. (all this process within the page so no need to leave it, the function is just to fill the form)

this function should not effect the database or any of the system it only auto fill the form!!

the Idea behind this is we have a supplier invoice with more than 100 lines for inventory which make entering them is a difficult job and mistakes  can happen

I hope I clear it.

"I am willing to pay for this function" in addition it can be added for the future updates.

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The import transactions can be used possibly for importing Purchase Orders in CSV)  too. These Purchase Orders can then be turned into Invoices as needed in the FA UI.

The Auto Fill form can be implemented as a popup with a multiple select list checkbox set as well but the system will not accept if the order quantity is 0 or absent. A comma separated item code list if input into the item code field (form field size to be addressed) it should expand it accordingly but what if invalid item_codes were input?

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Thank you again for your effort,

you have asked a good questions, I think the requested form fill function should do an automatic Fields check before applying to the form.

The idea is simple:
* an additional button in the top of "Direct Purchase Invoice Entry" page will start a popup window
* in this popup there is a function that upload a csv file containing all the needed info to fill the direct purchase invoice line items
* when processed it should check the chosen csv file for any mistakes
* then it will fill the item lines form.

with out any complications or SQL statements, should be easy for any user.

why do I need it?  because when I buy from my supplier I get an invoice with two formats (pdf, csv), I want to automatically use it to enter them to my inventory with out any mistakes in part no., desc., prices.

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Since the format from every supplier need not be the same, the script will need to be customised as per your need - make an extension for it then.

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I have a fixed text file format from my supplier,

so all I need is some body to develop a function that popup a new window and ask for upload this file then this function return you to the "Direct Purchase Invoice Entry" window and auto fill the item lines only, the remaining info i should enter it manually.

any volunteer to do it "not for free for sure"

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Please contact me via email:

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Thank you barbarian,

you have done an excellent job, working as i have demanded.

good programming, excellent documentation.

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Congrats.. share it one day big_smile