Topic: Searching of Customers

While creating customer if the user has defined Customer Name very different from debtor_ref for e.g

name: AAMIR
debtor_ref: LASANI

and if there are 1000 customers and their naming pattern is similar.

It is very very difficult to search this customer. Because all reports, all inquiries are showing AAMIR while Combo Box is showing LASANI.


If the Combo Return from the

function customer_list($name, $selected_id=null, $spec_option=false, $submit_on_change=false,
    $show_inactive=false, $editkey = false)

can have two fields in the namefield parameter i.e debtor_ref and name then it will be very helpful for all FA Users.

I request the admin to think over it and commit some changes in the core to incorporate this for both Customers and Suppliers.


Re: Searching of Customers

Sounds like a good idea. Will have a look.


Re: Searching of Customers

This has now been implemented as an option in Company Setup. See pictures.

Repo has been updated.

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Re: Searching of Customers

Great @Joe, wonderful