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Hi everybody,
as there is no really working COA for Germany (Gesamtkostenverfahren; BilRUG = Bilanzrichtlinien-Umsetzungsgesetz) I entered the accounts into the database and it worked for me.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to create an install file, so I exported the relevant data from the sql database as csv-file.

Feel free to comment...

It doesn't seem to be possible to upload files in here.
So, please ask If you want the files...

Re: German COA

Just take a sql backup from within FA (hope it is version 2.4.1) and upload it somewhere and paste the link here.

The standard Chart of Accounts for de_DE language is at: … eneral.sql

Re: German COA

Can I take a backup of just the COA?!
When creating a backup, then there is a backup of the total entity... Here it is a test entity. But I have entered several postings...

Sorry, I'm new to that topic, but find FA quite interesting, although there could be some improvements, such as creating reports...
Just taktes some time to get familiar with FA...

Re: German COA

Take a backup of the entire FA DB - that is the CoA if stripped off the data in the user table and replacing it from any CoA with locale changes. Also purge the transactions and take the backup as the CoA. Then revert to your original backup for regular use.