Topic: Release 2.3.26


This is a final 2.3.26 bugfix release. The last release in the 2.3 series.


  • Fixed typos in some installer translation files.

  • Fixed access control to tabbed pages in Items/Customers/Suppliers.

  • Fixed checkbox abnormalities in forms.

  • Improved entropy for report file urls.

  • Fixed problem with Excel report generation.


  • Cleanup in (obsolete parameters in update_debtor_trans_allocation calls)

  • Customer Balances Report. Allocated column not showing correctly. Fixed.

  • Sales Type potential bug in tax_included (persistent on) on certains machines.


  • Dimension is missing in Supplier Invoice View, GL Rows.

  • Supplier Payment link after entering supplier invoice fixed.

  • Supplier Balances Report. Allocated column not showing correctly. Fixed.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed a Bug in Item Sales Summary Report.

  • optimized Inventory Valuation Reports, 301 and 308.


  • Reorder email is not sent to location for items used below reorder point.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Fixed bug in Bank Accounts edition.

  • Bloomberg Rate has changed their wrapper from span to div.

  • Minor bugs in deleting fiscal years.

Re: Release 2.3.26

The set of Modified files to upgrade from FA 2.3.25 to v2.3.26 are attached herewith.
There are no newly added files.
The doc/CHANGELOG.old.txt file has been removed.

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