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Topic: Emails Encoding configuration

I have 2.4.RC1 with UTF-8 encoding.
Can I change the encoding only of outgoing e-mails to Cyrillic (Windows) for example?
Can I change this for certain e-mails only?

It all works fine when the mailbox is accessed through the browsers, the PDFs are fine, the cell-phones get the e-mails fine,
but the users who are with new versions of Outlook can't read the content, only the PDFs.

It's not a bug, but it's still an issue...

Re: Emails Encoding configuration

If you are working with html emails, can they not be preferentially attached with some includes / css to achieve what you want? "Some" of the emails need some place to to store / flag them for such decisions or based on some logic even if just pertinent to you.

Emails are handled by the class in reporting/includes/class.mail.inc. See if you want to include some conditional header in them.