Topic: FrontAccounting on Docker

Hi everyone. We have a great new docker image for FrontAccounting. See the Quick Start section and spin-up your own FA system in just (3) easy steps!



  • upgraded FA to 2.3.25 (default)

  • upgraded OS to Debian 8.5

  • added option to use regular HTTPS

  • added --tag option to select FA release

  • added --branch option to select desired FA branch

  • added --overwrite option to overwrite mounted version

  • improved help and the readme

Re: FrontAccounting on Docker

Still (3) easy steps and now supports FA 2.4!



  • upgraded FA to 2.4.3 (default)

  • upgraded OS to Debian 8.10

  • updated Quick Start and notes to use MySQL 5.6

  • updated to support both 2.4 and 2.3 releases

Can't shift up to Debian 9 yet due to PHP 7 issues with earlier releases. Can't use 5.7+ MySQL yet due to some legacy date format issues.