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Topic: Front Accounting and ERP Expert

I am an experienced  ERP expert.

Contact me for support. Very reasonable rates. Only dollars 10 per hour. Can also provide low flat rates on job basis.

Can also provide dedicated web  hosting and name registration for front accounting at very reasonable rates.

My email is Kensoftwares@gmail.com.

My web site is kensoftwaresolutions.com

Re: Front Accounting and ERP Expert


As you have just queried the forum for simple solutions (1, 2 and 3) - are you really experienced so soon?

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Re: Front Accounting and ERP Expert

I have been an erp iimplementor for more than ten years. This is with very large erps like , Agresso ,Epiicor and iScala. And smalll ones like Sap B1 , daceasy , sage , Hogiaart and quickbooks
I only have a little problem with knowing the functionalities of FrontAccounting. I  need quick answers as i need to implement FrontAccounting. I am also a Vb .Net Programmer and a PHP programmer.

You can check out my web site at kensoftwaresolutions.com .

I can send over my cv if required for your satisfaction.


Re: Front Accounting and ERP Expert

You mentioned that you are a "experienced Front Accounting..... expert" .....

Kindly note that FA 2.3 is quite mature whilst it's CoAs in the official repo are not all of the "exact" schema. Since you are implementing FA for your clients, you will do well to check out the extensions development in the unofficial repo as well besides the FAMods.

Other than being free what made you choose FA after so much experience with "big ERPs"?

Cheers and good luck. Enjoy FA.

Re: Front Accounting and ERP Expert


Good to see your expertise in other softwares. Better you should understand fully the functions than you can put it experienced.

And Senior Member like  Apmuthu, Joe,and Jansuz are really experienced in it.  Your skills on FA is not meeting much to work on it, learn it well than bring peoples to trust you.

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