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Topic: Can't change the language of FA

Dear all,

I would like to use the Dutch language pack for FA.

So what I did is the following:

* downloaded the language pack (the po and mo files)
* installed it trough FA setup --> install language
* set it as default
* set dutch as language in the preferences screen

nothing.... just eng.

After this we have reinstalled our server with ubuntu 9.04 all in dutch to prevent any problems here.

After that I have done this (just to be sure):

$ cd /usr/share/locales
$ ./install-language-pack sv_SE
$ dpkg-reconfigure locales

This verified to me that nl_NL is already installed as locale

Rebooted the machine, and still nothing.

Just English.

What else can i check or do to make it work?

I use FA version 2.1.1


Re: Can't change the language of FA

Well, normally there should be no problems selecting your language. Did you use the correct charset, iso-8859-1? Maybe someone using ubuntu can reply to this.


Re: Can't change the language of FA

The problem is solved...
the locale was missing....

To check which locales are installed open a terminal and enter:

locale -a

this will provide you with a list of the active locale.

Now you will probably need to add a new locale (like me) to make FA work in a foreign language.

The way to do this is as follow:

* Open /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local as root and add “nl_NL.ISO-8859-1” at the bottom of the file (without quotes)
* Open /etc/default/locale as root and change LANG=“eng_ENG.UTF-8” to LANG=“nl_NL.ISO-8859-1”
* Add “nl_NL.ISO-8859-1 ISO-8859-1” to both your /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and /var/lib/locales/supported.d/en file
* run sudo locale-gen –purge after that and restart your system / server

works for me

Re: Can't change the language of FA

I am trying to set en_IN (English India) as default language but no difference is seen. How to check local on a windows machine. My config is Windows/Apache/Php/Mysql (I am not using WAMP/WAMP/XAMP Stack). Please help.


Re: Can't change the language of FA

Windows 7 user with xampp running can check with phpinfo.php to see what locale is still available for you.
In my case, I can use zh_TW, zh, en-US
without changing the setting by
Win7 start>control panel >clock language and region>
change display language.