Topic: Release 2.3.25


This is a 2.3.25 bugfix release.


  • Fixed vertical alignment on date picker icon

  • Fixed deactivate_extension hook execution on extension deactivation.

  • Improved safety handling of bad PHP interpretor releases.

  • Fixed es_MX installer translation file.


  • No display of shipping costs if there are no shipping costs on sales documents or views.


  • Fixed net value calculations for GRN leading to unbalanced clearing account.

  • Fixed hardcoded amout_row fixed 2 decimals. Removed and the default user_price_dec() is used.


  • Fixed wrong calculaiton of standard cost during Advanced Manufacturing.

  • Fixed correct calculation of stock_moves standard_cost when producing an Advanced Assembly.

  • Fixed Material cost calculations for quantity = 0.

Banking and General Ledger

  • Accounts entry. We only accept 0-9 and a dot if $accounts_alpha = 0 (default).

  • Tax Report: duplicated lines were listed for edited transactions.

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Re: Release 2.3.25

Glad to see the next stable version on active download. Hope many people will upgrade their systems.

And it will be updated on bitbucket updates soon.

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Re: Release 2.3.25

Post Release fixes for FA v2.3.25.
Read caveats on using extensions with the new improved entropy.

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