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We are in desperate need of a custom field created for our inventory items.  We need a "location" field since we maintain over 5000 inventory items in our warehouse. 

Something simple like a 8 character text field.

Is this doable?

Thanks in advance!


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You can have as many locations per item as you want. Did I miss something?



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My apologies for not being more clear.

We actually need a field that shows the specific location of the item within the warehouse.  For example,


4th aisle, shelf D, 4th location on shelf, bin number

From what I know the current "location" field is simply a "1", "2", "3", etc.......

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Could Foreign Item codes help you?

It is located in Items and Inventory tab, Foreign Item Codes.


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Such information in FA 2.3.x can be stored as part of the stock_master.long_description field and used as in the Wiki Article on Bin Locations.

In FA 2.4, a separate field in the stock_master table to provide for BinLocation would be useful.

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@joe: How would we go about using the Foreign Item Code as a Bin Location? Must we somehow manually edit the item_codes table to make such foreign code entries have their is_foreign field as 0 instead of the default 1? It would also have to set it's Quantity field to 1 and possibly prevent it from inundating the sales invoice item drop down boxes as duplicates of their parent items.

Here is a sample set of transactions sql results on the training database:

-- Items and Inventory => Items => Add New Item
-- On Adding Item001
INSERT INTO `1_item_codes` VALUES 
('6', 'Item001', 'Item001', 'Test Item 001', '1', '1', '0', '0');
INSERT INTO `1_loc_stock` VALUES 
('DEF', 'Item001', '0');
INSERT INTO `1_stock_master` VALUES 
('Item001', '1', '1', 'Test Item 001', '', 'each', 'B', '4010', '5010', '1510', '5040', '1530', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0');

-- Items and Inventory => Foreign Item Codes => Add New Foreign Item
-- On Adding 2 Foreign Item Codes for newly added item
INSERT INTO `1_item_codes` VALUES
('7', '2154658', 'Item001', 'Foreign Item Code of Test Item 001', '1', '45', '1', '0'),
('8', '32568', 'Item001', 'Foreign Item Code for Next Test Item 001', '4', '14', '1', '0');

-- Items and Inventory => Sales Pricing => Add New Sales Price
-- Added Sales Prices
('5', 'Item001', '1', 'USD', '3'),
('6', 'Item001', '2', 'USD', '2.5');

Attached is the screenshot of a direct invoice entry in progress.

Adding foreign codes form has a Category field for the item - must we allow such a field to introduce ambiguity with that in the parent Item? This will make for the same stock_id having different category_id in the item_codes table!

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