Topic: New Modern login page

Author: Sham Softawre Consultancy
Module:  Frontaccounting Free New Login Page

Compatible version:

Frontaccounting - v2.3 and above.

Note Before you Install:
1. This a beta version of this theme and may have some bugs.
2. To Make this Add-on working some of core frontaccounting files are updated these files are included: (login.php & default theme)
4. It Supports rtl languages and tested in Arabic

Installation Steps:
1. Make a backup of your application folder.
1. Download and extract the New file
2. Upload content into your frontaccounting root folder
3. Congratulation !!!



If you are having any issue, kindly send an email to us at

Thanks you & hope you enjoy it.

Re: New Modern login page

Download Link is down. kindly share it on google drive or some free file sharing site

Re: New Modern login page

This post is quite old and the domain no longer exists.
This domain registration expired on 12/05/2018.

Last known website homepage version.