Topic: didn't support Bengali language unicode for reporting


using FA 2.3 version i am able to insert bengali language in database using UTF-8 encoding. but didn't able to show bengali language from database for reporting.please help me for showing bengali language in report using UTF-8 encoding. i think for showing bengali language its not necessary to create .po or .mo file. its only matter of tcpdf UTF-8 for bengali language. whole software i use default english language.

Please help me out.

Thanking you

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Re: didn't support Bengali language unicode for reporting

All Brahmi derived scripts from Tamil to Hindi to Bengali and Sinhalese and possibly Cambodian cannot be used for reporting in FA as is since the complex kernings have not been implemented in TCPDF/FA as yet.

You can read more on this in my GitHub Issue 6.

The .po / .mo is meant for display only and that will work for Bengali if available / made.