Topic: COA for Indian states

Hi, this question is directed to APMuthu.

As you are aware normally all states in India follow  2 or 3 rate structures of VAT plus there is CST for out of state sales. Some companies also have to pay service tax as they provide additional services. For e.g. sales of hardware and annual maintenance contract both are billed sometimes in one invoice sometimes in separate invoices.

Can we have a CoA with atleast these predefined?


Kulin Shah

Re: COA for Indian states

1. Start with the standard Indian CoA.
2. Take a backup.
3. Add in the taxes you wish.
4. Take another backup.
5. Compare the backups in WinMerge and port the changes into the standard Indian CoA you started out with. That will be the new Indian CoA. Upload the new CoA into the [WEBROOT]/sql/ folder and it will be available for new company creation.