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This is a 2.3.24 bugfix release. Contains all the changes introduced by previous revoked release,
fixing also two smaller issues found in mean time, which potentially could impact internal applicattion security.
And finally removed redundant info from Work Order Report and fixed a bug in Work Order Issue.


  • Restoring compressed sql files sometimes failed due to nasty bug in php gzfile function.

  • Fixed 'C' english language display on Install/Update Languages page, to allow its selection on first page.

  • Fixed deprecated preg_replace in php >= 5.3.0 with the /e flag in utf8 reports.

  • Fixed ECB URLs 'Moved permanently' problem.

  • Better CSS for combobox select.

  • Fixed warning about non-existing HTTP_USER_AGENT session variable on some Plesk configurations.

  • Fixed warning during database restore.

  • Further fixes to javascript multiple class handling.

  • Fixed problems with latin2 encoding due to changes in htmlspecialchars() behaviour in newer php versions.

  • Extended length of email entries in company and locations settings.

  • Moved page number on reports, when more than 1 page, on documents down 2 lines.

  • Currency filter not working in documents.

  • Fixed many issues in output HTML code according to HTML 4.01 Transitional format.

  • Additional cleanups in standard themes.

  • Added email uniqueness check in password reset feature.

  • Fixed Windows specific access role editor issue.


  • Improved layout Reports Customer Balances.

  • Fixed contact record creation when new customer is added (reference/name were superseded).

  • Fixed false quantity on hand errors on sales delivery.

  • Fixed Quote Valid Days in System and GL Setup, Setup section.

  • Missing update of shipping tax when crediting an invoice.

  • Fixed Delivery note bug : Parent constraints not working if sales order line deleted after delivery

  • The aging reports / inquiries had a 1 day error in presentation. Fixed.


  • Wrong domestic opening balance in Report Supplier Balance for currency suppliers.

  • Improved layout Reports Supplier Balances.

  • Purchase order reference was not restored after last PO cancelation.

  • The aging reports / inquiries had a 1 day error in presentation. Fixed.


  • Improved calculation of standard cost in advanced manufacturing even if qoh = 0.

  • Allow search by Id in search work orders.

  • Removed redundant info on Work Order Report.

  • Fixed a bug in Work Order Issue. Issuing a stock always caused an error.

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Re: Release 2.3.24

The changes in FA v2.3.24 above include the ones in FA v2.3.23 since the latter was revoked.

Subsequent to the release of FA v2.3.24, additional fixes are attached herein.

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